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Kathy Ferguson | Medical Debt Advocates


Kathy Ferguson | Medical Debt Advocates


We Help Reduce Your Medical Debt by up to 35-100%!

With over 20 years experience in medical auditing, whether it be personal or for businesses, Medical Debt Resolutions, LLC specializes in getting your debt reduced to the lowest rates possible.

Email Kathy at FixMyMedicalDebt@gmail.com or call 505-307-9350to schedule a 30-minute online or on-call Consultation to review your case.

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How We Help To Reduce Your Medical Debt In 5 Easy Steps!

     1. Always be sure to ask questions and get perfect clarity

     2. Pay your co-pay at time of visit, leave with a receipt showing your payment and keep filed with other important documents.

         Your payment is not always posted; facilities legally have 2 years to bill you.

     3. Your Financial Responsibility; ask to bill for procedures covered by your insurance to avoid non-covered charges that you are held financially responsible for.

     4. Know the details of your Health Insurance policy.

         Pay only co-pays, deductible, and out of pocket costs that read on your insurance card.

         When billed with charges you're unsure of, ask provider for proof in writing.

     5. When frustrated and overwhelmed by medical bills, Medical Debt Resolutions, LLC can help. Take advantage of our 30 minute on-line or on-call Complimentary Consultation to review your case.

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"It is my pleasure to personally recommend Kathy Ferguson and her Medical Debt Resolutions business to anyone who may need help understanding and dealing with medical billing." - Edward, Another Satisfied Customer

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